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Charity Day: School in a Bag

This Wednesday we will be holding a Charity day to raise money for the School in a Bag Organisation. At Blake Envelopes we are committed to helping others and support a number of local and national charities each year, making substantial donations.

children with school bags

About School in a Bag

School in a Bag is an initiative run by the UK registered charity the Piers Simon Appeal which began in 2009.

"About 3.5 million refugee children "didn't get a single day" of school last year."

"School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each School Bag is filled with stationery equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn. Each school bag delivered to a child will give hope to his or her future and has the potential to transform their lives".

School in a Bag have worked across many different countries, transforming hundreds of children’s lives each year by providing them with the basic resources they need to receive an education that they so greatly deserve.

Watch the video to learn more about this fantastic organisation. 


What the day will involve

Not only will we all be coming in our brightest red clothes but we will also be running a ‘red themed bake sale’.

The Blake team will also be dedicating time throughout the working day, packing school bags full of essential reading, writing and eating tools, which go directly to underprivileged and disadvantaged children across the world; Children who don’t have access to basic essentials such as educational resources and eating utensils. Something so many of us take for granted.

children with bags

How can you get involved?

We will be donating a percentage of all sales orders received on Wednesday 4th to School in the Bag which will go towards funding bags for the charity. 

If you’d like to get directly involved in supporting School in a Bag please contact your dedicated account manager for more information.

Alternatively you can make an online donation here