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Marple Scouts, a young group aged between 14-17, had the opportunity to visit and travel around Japan earlier this year, and we wanted to help make sure they had the best experience possible...

John Dawson, the Explorer Scout Leader for Marple, led 30 of the scouts to Japan in the summer of this year.

Marple Scouts Japan trip

The expedition included a home-stay opportunity, living with other Japanese scouts and their families, a visit to Hiroshima Peace Centre, and a wonderful and invigorating climb of Mount Fuji, as well as travelling on a Bullet Train, exploring the amazing city that is Tokyo and attending the Jamboree with 13,000 Scouts from Japan and South East Asia.

Marple Scouts in Japan

International scouting is said to break down the stereotypes that may have existed and develops the young person personally by taking them out of their home environment. By the look on their faces, we certainly think they had the best time!

Marple Scouts in Japan

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