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Giving Hope Through Education

Following the launch of our CSR programme earlier in the year, we are providing children in disadvantaged situations with learning materials as part of their ‘Giving Hope through Education’ project.
During November, some of our team travelled, in collaboration with School In A Bag and Te Aud Romania, to North-Eastern Romania to visit an orphanage and a school. Romania is an unequal country with much of the wealth and economic growth focused in the major cities. In rural areas there are high levels of poverty.

The team visited the orphanage first where they were able to give each child their own schoolbag packed with enough learning materials to last them at least a year, which we had all packed earlier in the year. Every child also chose their own Blake soft toy to keep.
While Tim and Darby were at the orphanage they worked with the children to create notecard designs that The Blake Foundation will be able to sell to raise further funds for the orphanage.
“I consider the workshop important to my evolution because I managed to prove that I am talented and I put passion in everything I do. The workshop taught me to be a better person and have more confidence in myself day by day. It motivated me no end to learn that my work is not pointless. Thanks for all!” Nicoleta Stiglet , a child at the orphanage (translated).

Nadia Cretuleac, Head of Child Protection Services for Suceava County said, “The opportunity that Blake Envelopes has offered to the children we support is immeasurable and will stay for them for life. Having your designs implemented by such a reputable company meant so much not only for the children, but for the institution itself. I truly appreciate their visit”.

The next day, they set off across the snowy countryside to the rural village of Giulia. At the school they were able to personally hand out the 226 bags to each of the children. The bags will give all the children equal resources and opportunities to learn.

Gabriela Popescu (founder Te Aud Romania): ‘For us, at TE AUD ROMANIA having Blake Envelopes in a small town in Romania supporting orphans is a great achievement. Blake Envelopes, through their Blake Foundation is a massive supporter of education and we are grateful for choosing us. We feel like this will be the start of a great partnership. We are, at the same time, thankful to Luke Simon from School in a bag for making this happen. School in a Bag and TAR have been partners for over 2 years in supporting education in local communities. The presence of Tim Browning and Luke Simon in Romania for the distribution of schoolbags had a positive impact and offered children a real example of what you can achieve with the right tools and educational support.’’

Tim Browning, Director Blake Envelopes: ‘The Blake School in a Bag program is a key project in our CSR Responsibility program. Our mission is to support social mobility for children by ensuring they have access to the materials they need to learn and be educated. Being able to hand each bag directly to the children was incredible and ensured that every penny invested in this project would have the impact we envisaged. There are millions of children in the world who will never go to school and this will continue to be denied them, unless we can make a difference.“
We’re hopeful that we will be able to continue to support these children through the foundation.