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Case Study: The Avid Seamstress

The Avid Seamstress envelopes

We put so much time is put into the research and development of our products, but is the same thought and energy put into how these products will be presented?

Here at Blake we believe in going the extra mile, because first impressions really do count. Here we are sharing a bespoke envelope project which our team have worked on, carefully researching and designing to achieve a unique solution for packaging a product.

The Avid Seamstress

The Avid Seamstress is a London based pattern company who are dedicated to helping modern women enjoy the art of sewing. Providing quality products and easy to follow sewing instructions, they seek to achieve their vision to “strive to bring together a community of women to empower and inspire each other through sewing”.

Lisa Falconer, the founder, approached our personalisation team with the request for a high quality solution in which to display her pattern pieces. She required a full colour image printed on the entire front with a tuck in flap design for ease of use.

Looking Outside the Box

After experimenting with a number of options, our team came up with the design for a fully functioning envelope style packaging solution, crafted from the finest quality materials. The finished product combined a sleek design with a fully functional and hardwearing product, comfortably containing the sewing patterns. The core visions and values of the brand were represented in the high quality yet cost-effective materials, whilst the paper based design portrayed a conscientious alternative to plastic packaging, providing a tactile element and marking them out from their competitors.

The Avid Seamstress envelopes

Needless to state, Lisa was thrilled with the final result and commented: “The Blake team are really great! Knowing that I have such a great supplier for such a key element of my product is fantastic. They go out of their way to help me and I couldn't be happier working with them. We developed a bespoke envelope which is often commented on by my customers - it makes my product stand out from the rest. Thank you Blake team!

For more information on our Customisation Service click here, and we look forward to helping you achieve whatever vision you may have!