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Higgs & Crick envelopes

Our Personalisation Team have often been given the task of creating made to order envelopes and packaging solutions in various shapes and sizes, which have been used to contain a whole variety of contents, from a dental repair kit to fashion pattern pieces. But one of our recent projects included an envelope that would be used to hold the most unique of contents.


We were approached by Higgs & Crick, premium British company and producers of the finest furniture and accessories. They were looking for a small envelope that would hold a small set of keys used to open a padlock to the solid walnut and maple box of their handmade Kingsman Three-Piece Decanter Set.


Our team sent off a variety of designs, each with their own handmade, mock up sample. In order to make sure we got it absolutely right, we also supplied a selection of different paper options, providing Higgs & Crick with a range of choices for their bespoke piece.

Despite the fact that this was only a small part of the overall product, we were aware that by creating this envelope to the highest standard, it could add that extra touch of finesse. Carefully selecting premium materials, and including a slick fastening method and the brand’s logo in foil print all contributed to the overall quality of the product, helping to delicately elevate the branding.

By working collaboratively and openly with the client, our team succeeded in creating the perfect piece and getting this to the client within the necessary time frame.

Higgs & Crick envelopes