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Youth Shedz cheque

Here at Blake, we are committed to helping others, and support a number of local and national charities each year, making substantial donations. Many of the charities we support relate to circumstances that have touched the lives of our staff and friends.

Recently we donated a sum of £500 to Youth Shedz, a wonderful initiative that provides a safe place for young people to 'explore who they are, to develop pro-social relationships with suitable role models, develop and learn new skills.'

From where the first project started in Denbigh, the charity has expanded to a number of different locations across Wales. The charity's vision is for every town in Wales to eventually have their own project, providing a safe, nurturing environment where young people from all walks of life will be able to spend time with role models and develop their sense of identity and their skills.

There are many people in our communities who enjoy giving their time and skill set to work with young people, and Youth Shedz provides a place for those opportunities to take place. Understanding that young people need to be listened to, challenged, and encouraged to make the most of their lives, they hope that these spaces will meet them where they are at in their lives and walk with them in to a brighter future.

Our team here at Blake were happy to be able to help them in the work they do!