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Meet the team: Sam Coe

Watch our new video below about Sam Coe, our Regional Account Manager from our London Hub, where she shares her very moving story…

It was back on Christmas morning in 2015, when something happened that would change her whole life. She was setting out the Christmas presents for her daughters, as she liked to do every year, and needed to go up to the loft. The last thing she can remember was climbing up to her loft, and then it all happened.

Sam fell three floors.

She was rushed into St Mary’s Hospital and had to go into emergency surgery. When she came round she thought she would be able to walk, but had to be told she would be paralysed from the waist down.

During the weeks that followed, Sam received guidance, helping her how to adapt and be positive about her situation. She tells us of days when she didn’t think she would to manage, but when she did it gave her such a sense of achievement. Rather than letting it stop her from doing what she needed to do, she would just look at how she could do it differently, enabling her to say, “Whatever happens, everything is going to be alright, we can succeed”.

Here at Blake, we have been glad to support her throughout this time, providing her with a secure role as Regional Account Manager at our London hub. Rather than expecting Sam to travel into London every day, we set up an office for her at her home where she could work without any inconvenience to herself.

Since then, we have been very happy to have had Sam visit our head office in Yeovil, as well as our various other hubs across the country, where our team were thrilled to see the same wonderful Sam.

Sam has proved the benefit of the support we were able to give her, and commented, “Blake’s have made my journey so much easier. I have done more since I have been with Blake independently than I had ever done before. It’s a team that makes you know that my (wheel)chair doesn’t define me!”

Her final appeal is, “If you can’t stand up stand out - Blake have enabled me to do this.”