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Dorchester Stroke Club

Here at Blake, charitable work plays a key part in our identity, and we are committed to giving our support to a variety of local and national charities with substantial donations.

On Tuesday 9th April, we presented a cheque for £500 to Dorchester Social Stroke Club. This excellent charity, which was nominated by our Print Operator Matt Biles, helps people who have suffered a stroke or other neurological disorder in and around Dorchester and Weymouth.

Dorchester Stroke Club

Organising activities for anyone that wants to join in, they work to restore the self-confidence, which is so often shattered by the illness these people have been through, and assist in their social and speech rehabilitation.

The club provides a stimulating environment where all members receive physical and mental exercise, and get the chance to interact with others who have been through a similar illness.

Here Matt shares why he nominated this charity, and how it has had an effect on his life:

“My Dad has had 2 strokes, one recently that ended up limiting the movement and control of his right side. He was a very active outgoing man before this. I've seen him suffer to come to terms with the drastic turn in life he had to take. He goes to the Dorchester Stroke club every Thursday and meets other people who have suffered strokes where they do a lot of uplifting activities together. The Stroke club also sponsors his gym membership amongst other things: something that allows the members to lead more fulfilling lives. He's not the only one who’s been greatly helped by the club, there are many other members who, with the support of the club, have started to come to terms with their condition that will affect them for life. I think it is great for Blake to contribute to a small charity that is having a big impact on a sometimes overlooked community.”

To find out more about this charity, visit their website here.