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Looking to find the perfect packaging solution to keep your post safe?

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Today, with the ever growing world of ecommerce and online fulfilment, there is a hugely increasing need for packaging solutions that can be relied on to perform, withstand rough handling and long journeys, and, above all, keep, your post safe.

We, perhaps more that anyone, understand this need, so here we take a look at just a few of our top picks from our expansive Purely Packaging range…

Here at Blake there is so much more to packaging than just plain brown cardboard boxes. We offer a unique and diverse range of packaging products which promote your brand, protect your contents, keep your post safe, and maximise ROI.

Polypost Polythene Envelopes: Your go-to polythene mailer

Polypost polythene envelopes

Created from durable polythene (LDPE), our Polythene envelopes are both strong and waterproof, providing a high quality yet economical alternative for online retailers and mail order companies.

Available in both white and clear and with a write on address panel printed in three languages, these polythene bags are a popular choice throughout Europe.

Answering all your mailing needs, these reduce the cost of packaging whilst their light weight can further help you save on postage costs…

What more could you want?

Polypost Security Envelopes: Post safely and securely

Polypost Security

The packaging solution for optimum security.

Our Polypost Security range boasts a fabulous, unique selection of tamper evident envelopes with many special security features. Their black opaque on the white polythene product guarantees 100% opacity, whilst sequentially numbered tear off strips provide the ability for security tracking.

Their optimum strength polythene design allows you to send a greater weight of insert, and presents a water resistant and secure packaging solution to keep your post safe.

These are everything you will ever need as far as polythene mailing bags go!

Documents Enclosed: Fast and fuss-free

Documents Enclosed

Keep transit documents and additional post safe and dry whatever the weather with our handy range of documents enclosed wallets. Made from waterproof polythene...

Available either printed ‘documents enclosed’ or plain, and in a range of five different sizes. Peel and seal sealing gives tamper proof security, and self-adhesive back provides instant adhesion to the surface of your parcel.

Purely One Touch Postal Boxes: Ready in an instant

One Touch

Send parcels quickly and efficiently with the easiest to assemble postal boxes available. These strong one touch postal boxes are available in 11 different sizes with peel and seal strip for secure sealing.

Featuring a user-friendly auto-lock base that slides effortlessly into position to provide a strong, rigid postal box in just one simple step, this packaging solution, giving an easy, effortless solution to keeping post safe.

Purely Super Secure Postal Boxes: For maximum postal protection

Super Secure

The epitome of maximum postal protection.

A Polylock anti–slip polythene insert holds items firmly in place, eliminating the need for extra packaging material. Peel and seal sealing and tamper evident rip strip opening ensure items arrive safely, whilst added impact resistance, security and rigidity means fragile, valuable items remain protected and safe. Our Purely super-secure postal boxes gives you maximum postal protection.

Purely Postal Wraps: A close embrace

Purely postal wrap

Our Purely Packaging Postal Wraps are constructed from hard-wearing corrugated cardboard, and will provide the strength and support needed for those bulky and fragile contents. With a handy central product pocket, cardboard will encircle the product, holding it securely in place. Peel & seal strips and rip strip, tamper evident opening will ensure absolute security and keep post safe and sound.

Purely Slim Line Boxes: Keeping it compact

Slim Line boxes

Our Purely Packaging Slim-Line boxes are constructed from a durable corrugated cardboard, and have a compact design for easy storage. Quick and easy to assemble, they offer a simple solution to sending all manner of items.

With their double fix peel & seal strip and rip strip tamper evident opening ensuring maximum security, you can rest assured these will keep your post safe and deliver it to the intended recipient unharmed.

For more idea on how to keep post safe in transit, get in touch with our friendly sales team, who will be happy to help!