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Today, GDPR has left many business owners unsure of what they can do with customer data they have collected…

…and this is where the power of direct mail lies!

Direct Mail

Find out all about the advantages of using direct mail right now:

Data Protection is focussed on one thing: consent. But with direct mail, the ICO (UKs GDPR watchdog) states, “you won’t need consent for postal marketing”. Provided that a legitimate interest can be demonstrated, the businesses that use direct mail marketing have a potential advantage over those who are just focussing on digital marketing, and have the ability to reach existing and potential customers ahead of their competitors!

Always appreciated by the recipient, direct mail effectively acts as physical proof that your business cares about its customers, and they will understand that your mailing has taken much more time, effort and thought than an email.

Having been proven to be more effective than digital marketing methods such as emails, mail achieves significantly higher response rates (US Data & Marketing Association Response Rate Report 2017), and DMA research has also found that physical mail stays in the home for an average of seven days in the UK, with 27% staying put for over four weeks. This, when compared to how often emails are ignored or deleted forever with the click of a button, presents endless possibilities for your business and valuable visibility for your promotional material.

And then there’s the trust element. We would all understand that physical, tangible mail forms stronger personal connections. The ability to touch and handle the leaflet or mailer means that, as research by Royal Mail MarketReach and Kantar TNS 2017 shows, the recipient finds direct mail much more trustworthy, with 87% of recipients finding it more believable than an email. On the other hand, digital marketing methods are seen in a significantly poorer light, with only 48% claiming to find it believable.

Last but not least, we all know how hard it can be to track down a consumer to just one, relevant email address. On the other hand, however, your customer will only have one postal address, so you can rest assured that your direct mail campaigns are reaching the desired target, rather than risking the all-too-common mistake of badly targeted online adverts that aren’t relevant to customer interests or the area they reside in, which so often lead to distrust in brands.

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