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In today’s world, people value things they can touch, display, share and keep. Which means mail has never been more appreciated…

For example, did you know that 90% of consumers open at least some of their mail immediately?


Today, email communications are considered quick and cheap, whilst printed direct mail is considered personal and worthwhile. 57% people feel valued when receiving mail, compared to just 17% with email.

Unused to being treated so well by brands, consumers feel the real satisfaction of receiving a well thought out, creative and beautifully printed piece of personalised direct mail that has clearly taken much more time, thought and effort, rather than the usual online blast of digital communication.

Print mail of old would have been considered ’junk mail’, but today it is digital marketing that is considered untrustworthy and worthless, simply because consumers haven’t got that vital ability to touch and handle it.

During a recent survey carried out by MarketReach, 51% respondents said that they preferred post, compared to 35% for email, 12% for phone and 1% for SMS.

And not only is mail appreciated by your customers, but it is likely to lead to an increased brand awareness and sales growth for your business too!

42% of consumers share or talk about mail with friends, family or colleagues


87% of people are influenced to buy online as a direct result of receiving mail.

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