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Wanting to find the plastic free alternative to the traditional plastic packaging? You’ve come to the right place…


Ideally suited for those that recognise the importance of supporting the environment by eliminating plastic and reducing excess packaging waste, our VITA™ range provides the paper alternative to any plastic packaging product...

Kraft Mailing Bags

Kraft mailing bags paper

The ultimate paper alternative to a polythene mailing bag, our kraft mailers are constructed from heavy duty kraft paper, for an extremely tough, hardwearing packaging solution for all manner of items! Featuring a peel and seal secure closure for extra protection when mailed, and available in 6 different sizes, catering for contents large or small!

Expandable Mailing Pockets

Gusset envelope

Sending bulky items? This is the range for you! A versatile collection of envelopes boasting a handy expandable side seam, these provide the extra space needed without the risk of overpacking. Available in 8 different sizes and in white or natural brown.

Board Backs and Expandable Board Back Envelopes

Board Back

An excellent choice for for valuable bendable items such as contracts, certificates & legal documents, our board back envelopes are crafted from a supportive 1000 micron backing board and a heavyweight recycled face paper. Available in white or brown and with expandable options for added space. Available in 14 different sizes.

White Padded Expandable Eco Cushion Envelopes

White Eco Cushion

Not only the most environmentally friendly padded envelope on the market, but the only one with an expandable gusset, our expandable Eco Cushion envelopes are ideally suited for those that recognise today’s need for sustainable packaging. Available in 4 different sizes.

Natural Brown Padded Eco Cushion Envelopes

100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% paper construction; what more could you want? The most environmentally friendly padded envelopes on the market, the soft cushioning of our Eco Cushion envelopes makes them a great choice for keeping items such as books, catalogue and brochures safe and sound in the post. Available in 4 different sizes.

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