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Are you using the right packaging?

Big, small, we have it all, and we’ve put it together for you here - just to make matters even easier ahead of the festive season!

After all, we can’t have those gifts arriving in anything but pristine condition, can we?


Don’t want to risk bending in the post? We have the answer. Our heavy duty board back envelopes will ensure absolute protection when posting bendable items, whilst our all board option allows for even the most unyielding item to be sent with ease!


Padded envelopes are your go-to solution to a secure arrival.

Our Eco Cushion envelopes help you to support the environment too - 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% paper construction, these are the most environmentally friendly padded envelope on the market to date!


Ideally suited for those that recognise today’s need for sustainable packaging, Kraft mailing bags provide an excellent alternative to the polythene mailing bag.

Or, for optimum strength and absolute security, opt for our rigid Kraft corrugated envelopes.


Can’t find anything to fit? Our postal wraps are always here to save the day!

With their handy central product pocket to hold all contents securely in place, these provide all the necessary strength and support needed for those bulky or fragile items.


No time for trouble?

Probably the easiest to assemble postal boxes available, create the perfect parcel in just one touch with our Purely One Touch boxes.

Something smaller? Our nifty Slim Line boxes provide yet another failsafe solution to fast and fuss-free parcel sending.

This Christmas you can wave goodbye to your gifts and rest assured they will have a safe journey…

Happy packing!