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Made By Blake

Made by Blake is born out of a desire for expert service, creating impactful, bespoke solutions to envelop any product beautifully.

With our very own design and production facilities, we are able to manage each project in house from start to finish, giving us the ability to ensure that the Blake standard of service is upheld and we are offering a  consistent and exclusive experience every time.

New Facilites

Recently we have invested 2.7m in new Made by Blake facilities, and we were thrilled to hold the official handover meeting with the building contractor DR Jones at the end of last week. Needless to state, we are very impressed by the quality of their work and professionalism shown in the way the project was run!

This has been a substantial investment for us, but it has been completely worth it - see below for the finished result: an impressive creative space cleverly designed to showcase the many Made by Blake techniques and capabilities…


These three large letter Ys in the expansive production hall represent the traditional letterpress printing method, with each Y growing fainter as the ink runs out.

Digital Print

This photograph of the spacious, modern canteen area showcases the digital printing technique. Also giving the ability to be used as coat pegs, this installation is both artistic and practical!

With many more exciting and innovative features to see, why not arrange a visit and see for yourself?