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Plastic free company lunches

At Blake we keep a very close eye on the environmental impact of all of our business activities. 

We have a team that are constantly reviewing this and delivering improvements all across the organisation.

Read on to discover some of the key achievements we have made so far…

  • Installation of Low Energy LED motion sensitive lighting throughout our whole warehouse – this not only means that even when all light units are lit, the power usage is hugely less than the previous fluorescent lighting, but also now only the areas of the warehouse where our operatives are working are actually lit. Thanks to this, we have been able to halve our annual electricity usage!
  • We have an ingenious new heat, ventilation and air conditioning system in our head office which utilises the heat or cold from the roof void to reduce the time our ventilation system is running. This allows for full use the natural outdoor temperature to reduce the amount of power used to heat or cool the office space.
  • Installation of DE stratification fans in all our warehouses. In winter these redistribute the warm air high in the ceilings of the buildings pushing it back to the floor level where our operatives are working,  keeping the temperature fully balanced within the buildings but also reducing the time in which the heater units are running for. This in turn reduces the power consumption of the heaters.

And currently, our latest project is to eliminate the use of single use plastic within the office environment!

Our team have now ditched their PET bottles and are using glass tumblers or refillable water containers.

We also identified another key source of disposable plastic!

Here at Blake we provide a free lunch every day, which gets delivered from a local supplier. Up until now our sandwiches have always been supplied in disposable plastic packets, but after discussion with the supplier, they have changed this packaging so that all our sandwiches are delivered in paper bags which are recycled with our paper waste after use.

It may sound like a small win but we calculated that this has eliminated the use of more than 10,500 plastic sandwich wraps each year!