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Here at Blake, life never stands still – we are always growing and improving in any way we can.

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In addition to our Headquarters in Yeovil, we continue to focus on expansion across the country, adding to our many existing Hubs of Excellence throughout the UK and further afield. Essential to our overall growth strategy, these Hubs are our solution to providing experts in the field of envelopes and postal packaging in all the key locations across the UK.

Currently boasting Hubs in Yeovil, London, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Edinburgh, Ohio USA and Düsseldorf Germany, we are very excited to announce the arrival of two new addition this month…

Bristol and Birmingham!



Bristol HubZarah Pearce

At our Bristol Hub, you will be pleased to meet Hub Sales Manager Zarah Pearce - a familiar face for many of you, having formerly headed up the Sales team at our Yeovil Headquarters! Here she shares a little bit about herself and how she feels about her new job role at the Bristol hub:

How do you feel about your change in job role and heading up our new hub in Bristol?

Excited! Who wouldn’t be thrilled at the chance to create something new? It’s untried and untested in this area and although I have a certain amount of ‘the fear’ it’s a great feeling to have.

What advantages and new opportunities do you feel this opens up for you?

We know that the hubs are excellent in engaging with more local businesses and really bringing what Blake is all about closer to the customers themselves. So for me it’s a fresh approach and challenge and a great way of giving some focus to the customers who are right on our doorsteps to enable us to have a closer working relationship.

Tell us about the goals you have made in your new role?

To never give up! It’s not really a goal as such but it’s a way of thinking that will keep me going! I would like Bristol to become the best hub that we have though, so challenge on!


Why not pay Zarah a visit at:

 Blake Envelopes Bristol

C/O Springfield Educational Furniture

Gloucester Road, Thornbury

Bristol, BS35 3UH

T: +44 (0)117 3749540



Birmingham HubSwaff

Our Birmingham Hub is being headed up by Sylvester Swaffield, a recent addition to the Blake team. Despite having only just started with us, Swaff is taking up the responsibility of managing the new hub with flying colours! Read on to find out a little more about Swaff, as a new starter and envelope expert!

How does it feel to be a part of the Blake team, and what do you like about working here?

I have been very kindly welcomed into the Blake company by everyone working here, and I feel very pleased to be at Blake Envelopes. Working with a company that is going places is a delight and something that is not always the norm in the envelope industry. I have worked alongside, or bought envelopes from Blake for most of my 19 years in envelopes, so seeing just how the company is run at first hand is very exciting. The investment in the printing facilities is amazing, with so much attention to detail. The 4 colour digital printing machine gives stunning results, which is backed up by the expertise of the operators.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Being a family man and life-long Leicester City fan, winning the premiership a few years ago was out of this world! Having worked in the envelope trade for over 19 years, I have seen many changes. When thinking of three words that best describe myself, hard work, honesty and loyalty to my customers come to mind, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being given the wrong delivery date! There is nothing worse than giving a customer a date, only to have to go back to them with another delivery date because the first one cannot be achieved.

How does it feel to have responsibility for manning our new Birmingham Hub?

I feel very honoured to be the first person at our Birmingham Hub. I can start as we mean to go on with great friendly service, and great prices as well. We hope to build this Hub up to become one of the main focal points of the Blake company.

Could you share your thoughts on the advantages and new opportunities this opens up to you?

Being based in the middle of the country is a big plus for me. Being only 2 hours from Leeds or London is a big advantage. Having so many stock lines ready for next day delivery is fantastic. Now that we can offer flexo, litho and digital print, as well as plain stock or packaging to our customer is great, and something that no other company can compete with!

What goals have you set yourself to ensure success?

Service is the main goal for me! Yes, the product and the price have to be right, but getting the order to the customer, when the customer needs it, is key.

Any anything else that you would like to share!

It is very nice working for a “CAN DO” company, with so many keen experienced people!


Come and meet Swaff at:

 Blake Envelopes Birmingham

Valley Northern

Astonfields Industrial Estate, Carver Road

Stafford, ST16 3BP

T: +44 (0)121 312 2170