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The Growth of Online Shopping and Consumers Packaging Preferences

The Switch to Ecommerce

Something that has been slowly but surely coming about for many years, but which has been particularly emphasised with the current situation we live in is the shift from high street shopping to online.

We admit this comes as no surprise – think back several weeks and all physical stores were closed and then more recently to the period where non-essential stores weren’t available. This, combined with the fact that most people have been spending all their time at home, has rather unsurprisingly led to major increase in online shopping. In fact, within the UK alone ecommerce transactions saw a 168% spurt!

Increased Demands for Ecommerce Packaging

As a matter of course, this huge increase in online sales also led to an equally huge requirement for ecommerce packaging, particularly corrugated packaging. So much so that a report on The Future of Corrugated Packaging to 2023 estimates an annual growth in ecommerce trade of around 20%…

With packaging in such high demand, now is the time to consider what consumers actually want from you…

Consumer’s Packaging Preferences Revealed

We think you’d agree that in recent years and with the increasing awareness of the impact that plastic products have on our ecosystems, there has been a growing preference for paper packaging instead of the common plastic alternatives.

During a recent survey, 5,900 consumers were asked to respond to the statement “I prefer products online to be delivered in paper packaging rather than plastic packaging”. The results that ensued revealed a clear partiality for paper, with 66% of respondents replying in agreement or strongly in agreement.

Not Just a Short Term Thing

What’s becoming clear is that this trend towards online shopping isn’t just relevant whilst the coronavirus is at large. It’s here to stay for the long term. The way we shop is undergoing a lasting transformation and is it predicted that, even with the current and future reopening of physical stories, online sales will remain a preferred method of shopping for the majority of consumers.

Amanda Mickleburgh of ACI Worldwide shares that “The current crisis is likely to lead to long-term behavioural change among consumers, and retailers need to adapt and change their strategies accordingly.”

Need to make the switch from plastic to paper packaging? We have the answer right here!