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Blake delivers security and another first

Blake has continued its diversification into polythene packaging by developing a range of high quality, polythene quick pay deposit bags for financial and banking institutions.

Director, Tim Browning said, “We have seen a growing need for bespoke solutions in the security market from a variety of customers and so we teamed up with leading banks to develop a range of bags that can be used in quick pay deposit machines and strategic locations requiring secure payment transfer systems.”

The quick pay deposit bags are designed to be resilient and are constructed from reinforced polythene for maximum burst strength. The bags also have a number of security features including tamper evident seals, high visibility for ease of identification of contents and barcodes for scanning. The bags are specifically designed to meet the stringent security measures needed to offer customers piece of mind when using quick pay facilities.

Tim Browning said, ”At Blake we are looking at ways to provide solutions and this diversification is another example of that. We are also able to provide other polythene solutions in the areas of pathology and the healthcare sector.”



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