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Dare to Wear Yellow Blitz Day!

On Friday we held a "Dare to Wear Yellow" themed Blitz Day with the aim of raising money for St Margaret's Hospice. All the staff wore a yellow item of clothing and donated £2 towards the charity. There was also a raffle and a cake sale with yellow cakes.

As you can see in the pictures above, a lot of fun was had. But more importantly, we managed to raise £237, not including the donations that Blake are giving for orders on the day! In keeping with our yellow theme, the customer raffle emphasised our Creative Colour envelope range with a special emphasis on our yellow envelopes. For orders of any of our envelopes worth over £500, customers received 1 ticket, for orders of Creative Colour envelopes of £200, they got 1 ticket and for an order of Creative Colour Yellow or Gold envelopes of any size they got received 2 tickets.

There was quite a variety of costumes being worn by the staff and there were prizes awarded to the top three. In the picture above (in the middle at the top), it shows our chairman Tim Barter with the three winners:

  • In a well-deserved first place was Leila with her bizarre banana costume.
  • Second, was Ralph with his very yellow coat, but it was probably his stunning socks that won him the prize!
  • In third place was Zoë, managing to wear an entirely yellow outfit with a strange duck mask

In the office we held a yellow-themed general knowledge quiz with the staff organised into small teams. Well done to the winners, John, Karen, Aaron and Richard from the accounts team whose knowledge clearly extends far beyond just numbers!

Well done to our staff raffle winners - Chalky, Nicole and Keith and our customer raffle winners.