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Happy 91st Birthday your Majesty

Just a quick note to wish our Queen a very Happy 91st Birthday!

Not only has she reigned for over 60 years but she has also been a key feature on all of our mailings, with her first postage stamp being created in 1952.

The First adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black came into use on the 6th May 1840, aimed at reducing postage costs. The design showcased Queen Victoria and set the precedents for how our postage stamps would be recognised till this day.

The iconic stamp, now widely known features a profile of Queen Elizabeth by sculptor Arnold Machin, created in 1967.  Whilst it’s had a number of alliterations, adaptions and even new colourations – the first purple stamp was created to commemorate the Queen becoming Britain’s longest serving monarch back in September 2015, it’s remained a constant, much loved feature.

The UK postage stamp, like the humble envelope is something that can often be overlooked. Yet, with it being as quintessentially English as a cup of tea or a cucumber sandwich we feel it should continue to receive a great deal of admiration.

We look forward to seeing how the iconic postage stamp continues to flourish.

History of the Postal Service