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It's been 3 years since we moved in!

This month we are celebrating 3 years in Clarence House, The Blake Head Quarters.  Looking back, it was on 15th May 1967, that the story of Blake began with a waste paper recycling business which through hard work, passion and innovating vision has become the business and brand that you see today.

The environment of Blake has evolved with the journey – starting from the humble beginnings of a home attic and developing through our original Blake building which still houses our main warehouse all the way to Clarence House.

Our building was developed with Blake’s mission in mind, to create a dynamic, creative and collaborative surrounding to give our team the space and facilities to develop and innovate. It was awarded the highly coveted prize of Best Commercial Property 2014 in the South West Insider Property Awards.

Of course this journey is never complete without a special mention to our dedicated team that has grown with us, it is their enthusiasm and ambition that is at the heart of Blake.

Whilst we reflect back on where we have come from, we also look forward with anticipation to what we have planned to come and to many more exciting years in Clarence House.

From the old - Blake Building 

To the new - Clarence House