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Birthday Tribute to The Royal Mail

The Royal Mail as we know it began in 1516 and for 500 years has enabled people to connect with one another. Births, deaths, marriage proposals, wedding invitations, all the stuff of real life is sent and received via this amazing service. The company has also been responsible for shaping our culture, driving improvements in literacy rates, allowing countries across the Commonwealth and the world to talk to one another easily and even helped lay the foundations for a standardised time system across the UK in the form of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Much like Blake, the Royal Mail started with a single piece of paper and was set up to promote and convey communication. It has successfully done this in a variety of ways starting with delivery by horse through to boat, hovercraft and pigeon! The company now delivers envelopes and packages to more than 29 million addresses across the UK, six days a week as part of the Universal Service Obligation (USO).
Blake is an international postal packaging brand selling over two billion postal related products a year. Without the Royal Mail we might not exist as successfully as we do; so we say Happy Birthday Royal Mail, long may you reign.

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