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Our December Value Champion

Every month here at Blake we recognise and reward the outstanding hard work and commitment shown by those employees who have gone above and beyond their call of duty. We are extremely proud of our Value Champions who receive our well-deserved prestigious awards. This month we are recognising:


William Gallimore

  • William joined us at the end of last year and how quickly he and Clive have become an excellent team.
  • He always has a positive attitude and approach to any task or issues.
  • Has improved many processes within the Finance team.
  • Everyone comments on his happy demeanour and that he always has time for you.
  • Has significantly reduced outstanding monies owed to the company.
  • Has shown incredible dedication to his work.


Hayley Trigger

  • Hayley continues to go from strength to strength, her work in supporting Nicole looking after RMA’s supplier invoicing has shown how efficient she is.
  • Often unnoticed whilst supporting our overprint sales team during the afternoon.
  • Did a great job covering for Nicole during her recent absence.
  • One of our silent stars


Sonia Pavey

  • This time of year balancing her day job within the samples room as well as having to organise all the Christmas gifts is no small task!
  • Sonia collated a mass of information to ensure we have our gifts ready to go during January and the job is not complete yet.
  • Alongside this, there have also been a number of mailings to get out i.e. the Christmas opening times leaflet.


Carling Barter

  • Most of Carling’s work is unseen yet she keeps key parts of our business running.
  • She provides a lot of administration support i.e. collating working hours and holidays so we all get paid on time.
  • She is always calm and helpful and never shows the pressure that she is under.
  • Carling has also been managing our paper stocks - we have sold over 2,000 pallets this year.
  • She does an excellent job of organising Tim to see he is properly prepared for all of his diary appointments.


Zoe Barter

  • Since changing her role Zoe has really shown a sense of purpose to see tasks completed.  She has taken on a number of difficult challenges without hesitation.
  • She has been motivated and willing to learn numerous new tasks.
  • She shows co-operation and wants to solve problems for you.
  • Looks after our CAP students and has shown such great patience in helping them understand what’s needed, a real example to them.
  • Works hard and never complains about the tasks that need to be resolved.


George Potter

  • We had an issue with the inventory call-off process.  It was not easy to see which items were urgently required, therefore we had to trawl through hundreds of lines on the system call-off tool (Material Planner Workbench) & keep a manual list of items that were on back order & urgently required.
  • George came up with the idea to show in red any items that had back orders on the Planner Workbench to show the net qty available after all customer orders & re-work orders are fulfilled.


Keith Scobie

  • During the last few weeks the catalogue team having been pushing him hard to get booking slots with big catalogue customers.
  • Keith has persisted in rearranging and organising loads to ensure we push goods in their doors.


Matt Brown

  • For the work and innovation in winning recent cash bag business. 
  • Also for the work he has done to develop our poly bag portfolio and for the work he has been doing around toolbox talks.