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Our June Value Champion

Every month here at Blake we recognise and reward the outstanding hard work and commitment shown by those employees who have gone above and beyond their call of duty. We are extremely proud of our Value Champions who receive our well-deserved prestigious awards. This month we are recognising:


Georgi Moore

Choosing a winner each month continues to be a hard decision for the Management Team, however this month we decided that the effort and hard work put in to achieve a much improved performance and outcome warranted this award.  Georgi’s positive approach to the changes in her role means that she fully deserves the accolade of winning this award.


Ashley Goddard

Ash continues to develop in his role, he is always happy to help anyone – both customers and colleagues.  His attitude, effort & quality of work is admirable.  He steps up to the mark, takes full responsibility and sees tasks through to completion.


Dave Hughes

We have recently carried out a complete reorganisation of our Penmill warehouse. Dave agreed to take on the task and saw the project through to completion almost single handedly.


Amelia Bourton

Often what appears to be an obvious solution to a problem is left unchallenged, however Amelia is an example of how great people do not just accept things are the way they are but seek change to improve our processes.