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The Blake Bespoke Service

In a digital age, you may be forgiven for thinking that mail is not as important as it once was. However research consistently shows that mail is still a vital part of the marketing mix. In a recent study by Peter Field on the IPA Databank it was shown that campaigns with mail achieved over twice (104%) the market share growth when measured against campaigns without mail in the mix.*

Direct mail works and getting the right envelope or postal package is vital if you want people to open up and view the contents. Blake’s bespoke service allows you the ultimate freedom to create the right first impression and is tailored to meet your every need. 

This service is only offered to our trade customers and opens up a whole spectrum of products and services. From individually handmade products, special finishes or reworked postal packaging in smaller quantities, we can also create innovative solutions made from your own specific paper stock.   Our commitment and passion for what we do ensures the very best in quality, choice and service.

*taken from ‘ It’s all about Mail and Email’ by Royal Mail Marketreach