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Blake envelope and paper products, refined through three generations…

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Starting from nothing more than an attic space at home, we have, through hard work, passion and constant innovation, become an established envelope brand recognised and respected the world over. The proof of this being that we now sell over two billion envelopes per year – enough if they were put end to end, to encircle the earth 11 times.

In today’s world, amidst the blur of electronic communication, the envelope rises unchallenged in its value and importance to its recipient. Blake envelope products have reignited the 'pleasure of letters' delivering you quality, functionality and flair all enveloped in a history of British heritage.

We trust you enjoy your Blake product as much as we did creating it… and we would simply add a thank you for choosing Blake.

Why Choose Blake?

There are many things that make Blake special - here are just a few...

Product Range and Innovation

With over 1000 different envelope products available from stock we have one of the largest ranges in the world. Even in the most developed postal markets such as the UK, 40% of our product range is unique to Blake. We have made envelopes exciting by introducing products that the world has never seen before and this constant innovation continues.

Stock Holding

With 8,500 pallets in stock - equating to over 400 million envelopes - we can cater for the biggest orders. Long lead times can be a thing of the past when dealing with Blake due to our depth of stock.


Service underpins everything that we do and each member of our team has instilled in themselves a desire to exceed your expectations. Our core values: Responsive, Friendly, Dependable, have become synonymous with our brand. These principles have become engraved into our organisation, becoming an integral part of who we are.

We offer an unrivalled level of service, with next day delivery available to any area of the UK, from as little as one box to multiple pallets. In addition, we can also deliver to many parts of Europe within 48 hours and have a worldwide distribution network using internationally trusted partners.

Established and Trusted

Selling over 2 billion envelopes annually - which in UK alone equates to supplying 1 in every 8 envelopes used - only serves to reflect the trust that there is in the Blake brand. We are now firmly established as the country’s leading envelope stockist through delivering a consistent product and service over many years.


Consistency of product is paramount to us and stringent manufacturing criteria ensures this is maintained. All of our grades are made from specified papers, some of which have been specially developed for us to meet market needs. The internationally recognised Blake registered opaque is not only attractive in its appearance but serves to enhance the whiteness of any paper and provides maximum security to the envelope’s content.


Blake is dedicated to the practice of sound environmental stewardship and this can be testified in our move to recent new Headquarters, which has been built embracing the latest 'best' environmental practices, thus reducing our Carbon Footprint by over 40%.

Accredited with the ISO 9001and ISO14001 certifications and FSC® and PEFC chain of custody certification only confirms our commitment to the environment. All this sound environmental foundation makes it only right that we stock the largest range of environmental envelope products in Europe.

Looking Forward

Constant advancement since our conception in 2000 has made Blake one of the most progressive and innovative companies in the envelope market. With a team of loyal, dedicated staff, the underlying drive which initially established Blake, continues to ensure we move ahead.

More than just an envelope company, Blake Envelopes is now a registered brand.

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