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Blake Envelopes are able to supply almost any type and style of envelope that your customers will ever request. Our bespoke envelope service is just that, totally bespoke. Our skilled hand made team can now create any size and shape of envelope from almost any kind of material, printed or unprinted, according to your specifications.

As with our standard product range we will only deal with the trade, and the use of bespoke envelopes opens up a whole spectrum of products to offer to your customers. Blake are also able to supply printed envelopes, from Flexo Printed envelopes for large orders to individually handmade envelopes made from your specific paper stock, with options of string and washer, or velcro fastening, or peel and seal, or with a gusset, Blake Envelopes are now able to supply almost any type and style of envelope that your customers will ever request.

Bespoke Envelope Sizes

Bespoke envelope sizes

Over and above our many standard stock envelope sizes we can supply envelopes to any size you may require. This includes external dimensions as well as unusual window sizes and shapes. Even small quantities can be undertaken using our handmade facility.

String and Washer Closure

String and washer closure for Envelopes

Included in the services we offer as part of our bespoke envelope service is string and washer closure, for all 're-usable envelope' applications such as internal mail and document handling. This offers a high class, unique feel to your mail.

Bespoke Board Back Envelopes

Bespoke Board Back Envelopes

Protective Board Back envelopes can now be supplied that exactly match the size of the item you are posting. These can also be made from bespoke materials such as a specified paper stock.

Printed Bubble envelopes

Printed bubble envelopes

We have recently added to our print capabilities by having the ability to print on bubble bags. White, gold, black bubble bags can be printed in up to 2 spot colours. Due to the specialist nature of the printing, quantities as low as 100 can be overprinted to your requirements. We can even print up to 4 colours on metallic bubble bags subject to minimum order quantities.


Bespoke Envelope Materials

Bespoke envelope materials

Envelopes made to match a specific paper stock are now no longer a problem, our bespoke service allows you to specify almost any paper substrate, even including diverse materials such as specialist foils, polythenes and boards.

Bespoke Gusset Envelopes

Bespoke gusset Envelopes

Any size, shape or capacity in gusset envelopes can be supplied, suitable for all diverse applications where large capacity is a requirement. For example information packs and prospectuses.

Flexo Printed Stock

Flexo printed envelopes

For large mailing quantities, use our flexo printed bespoke envelopes. Flexo printing is usually for spot colours, printed inline at the time the envelopes are manufactured. Bespoke opaque designs or colours can be catered for in this way.

Handmade Bespoke Envelopes

For your highly specialist requirements we can handle almost any possibility within our skilled handmaking sector. Small and medium run lengths of special sizes, materials and sealing types can be fulfilled to your specification. Watch the video above to find out more about how our bespoke envelopes are made.



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