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The Direct Mail industry is one of the major users of envelopes in the UK. Most mailing processes have had to become automated due to the volumes used.

Potential Inserter Problems

It is understood that if the mail inserting operation goes wrong then envelopes will, nine times out of ten, take the blame! It is worth noting that there are a host of other factors in potential inserting problems:

  • Size and thickness of the insert
  • Amount of spray applied to the gummed adhesive
  • Staying time - The amount of time pressure is applied to the seal of the envelope gum
  • Adjustment of machine fingers in the automated opening action of the envelope

The envelope design used in automatic inserting machines is particularly important. It must be remembered that different makes of mailing machines operate in different ways so the specification of the envelope may vary.

This is why it is so important to find out the make and if possible the model of the machine.

Blake Mailing Wallets

As a rule of thumb, Blakes gummed mailing wallets will be suitable for most inserting machines and they are manufactured with outside side seams and are made from low porosity paper. We do however, also offer a small selection of envelopes with inside side seams.

The envelopes being used should be at least 6-10mm wider than the contents and you should never settle for a lighter weight paper as this may lead to bursting.

For trouble free running the envelopes need to be flat, so board inserts are a benefit. However if you can give us as much information relating to the mailing machine beforehand it may well avoid unnecessary problems and complaints.

Our Premium Postfast envelopes are specifically designed to work on all mailing machines, with its special features and window technology. This range is the 'master of all mailing envelopes'.

Outside / Inside Side Seams

Nearly all of our mailing envelopes are manufactured with outside side seams, however some mailing machines require inside side seams therefore we also stock a range of mailing wallets with inside side seams. These are manufactured with a grey opaque and can be found within our Purely Everyday range.

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