Why Choose Coloured Envelopes?

How can An envelope represent you as you wish?

You dress smartly for an appointment, however often the first thing any client sees of your company is the envelope you send your material in.

Choose coloured envelopes, make great first impressions. Remember, first impressions count.

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How can your mailing open doors that you've struggled with?

Make the envelope look too important to discard. Often the envelope used in mailings shouts junk mail or tells the story on the outside.

Use the right coloured envelope to ensure it gets past the receptionist.

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Coloured envelopes can make your sales approach more effective, how?

After all the time you’ve spent on preparing your company brochure or that important estimate, why waste it in the envelope not getting into the right hands?

Classy, quality coloured envelopes command respect and will arrive with whom they belong.

The Environment. How can you show you care about the environment?

Practice what you preach. By choosing the right envelope you can say a lot about your business.

Demonstrate your concerns for the environment with an extensive range of eco friendly packaging from our Purely Environmental range.

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How can coloured envelopes improve your mailing success by up to 40%?

By playing on a basic human instinct, curiosity!

Using a stylish and colourful envelope is proven to have a 40% higher success rate than a plain/ bland looking alternative.

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Presentation is meaningless, or is it?

How many times has your beautiful brochure been let down by the envelope it is sent in. Imagine a wedding ring in a plastic bag. Unthinkable.

It pays to think about how you are presenting your literature, choose coloured envelopes.

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Pay more for coloured envelopes and save money. How does this make sense?

Remember the envelope costs a fraction of the postage

Statistics show that stylish coloured envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened than a bland white or manilla one, and therefore will be far more effective.

Presentation. Why is the envelope worth as much as its contents?

Remember 70% of all mail is opened over a bin. For a few pence more spent on the envelope, you can ensure your client opens it.

After all what is the point of direct mail if it’s not opened?

Where can I find a sales person who can reach 500 prospects a day?

You are probably overlooking one of the most effective forms of marketing - the envelope!

By using the right coloured envelope you can make not just 500 but 5000 calls a day, and be remembered!



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