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Creative Senses

Paper Pure White A4 297x210 145gsm

Paper Pure White A4 297x210 145gsm

Designers the world over help us to get our senses invigorated, excited and enraptured. We felt this unique envelope range has just made their job easier.

    • Product Reference: 88FT346
    • Size: A4 (210×297mm)
    • Product Type: Paper
    • Pack Quantity: 40
    • Weight per box: 0.40kg
    • Colour: Pure White
    • Pallet Quantity: .000
    • Weight: 145 gsm
    • Page in Catalogue: 204

    • Awards
    • Corporate event invitations
    • Gift cards
    • Innovative marketing
    • Invitations
    • Presentations
    • Vouchers

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