What Our Customers Say

We are proud with the level of service we offer and the many satisfied comments we receive as a result - below are just a few.

I was so impressed with Blake.

David, Paper Merchant, (North East)

"Blake Envelopes provide manufacture our subscribers envelopes which shockingly ticked every box on our mile long list of requirements and we are happy with their quality and services. They are very flexible and absolutely professional"

Peter, Publisher (London)

We really appreciate the hard work you guys put in and will be continuing to buy from Blake's in the new year! 

Luke, Overprinter (East Midlands)

You are all so thoughtful and I have really enjoyed working with you. What a wonderful group of people you are.

Mara, Retail, (Midlands)

It was a pleasure to be your guest and visit such a well-organised, modern and innovative company like Blake Envelopes. Thank you for your professionalism and hospitality.

Michal, Supplier, (Poland)

A Sunday price. That's what I call service :)

Alec, Office supplies company, (south east)

She was incredibly helpful as always. You really do have great staff there. (Talking about Zarah Pearce, Sales)

Terri, Overprinter, (South West)

Your company is outstanding, I've never been to place like it before.  You all should be very proud.

Jonathan, Digital Videographer, (West Country)

We needed a product that would not only give us durability in the rugged postal handling areas of Third World countries but also to withstand the massive temperate ranges from very hot temperatures by day and extreme humidity by night. Premium Secure envelopes ticked all the boxes for us!

Nigel, Paper Merchant (London)

It was such pleasure to meet Ralph again!
It is always good to know who we are talking to, and even better when the people are family business!
Also, very nice company profile video.

Designer, (London)
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