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Now operating in multiple locations across the UK, we are proud to provide you with the ultimate in both service and expertise.

Get to know our various departments and learn a little more about the staff that are so integral to the success of Blake!

Michael Barter Michael Barter
Michael Barter CEO
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Michael: Blake's CEO and a driven, motivated individual. Never at a loss for ingenious ideas, Michael believes there is no such thing as 'can’t be done'. He is always focused on Blake's strategic direction and vision, and his constant innovation ensures we remain ahead of the competition at all times!

"I would call myself a visionary with an impulsive desire to be better, and an inbred passion for sales and marketing."

Graham Carlin Graham Carlin
Graham Carlin Managing Director
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Graham, our Managing Director, in charge of keeping us all in check! With a forward-focus Graham utilises his wealth of experience to ensure Blake continues to strive forward as market leaders. Always one to be light-hearted, Graham’s jovial side is renowned and somewhat notorious.

“I am privileged to have a job where I love what I do, working with a team who are creative, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to deliver excellence always”.

Aaron Carpani Aaron Carpani
Aaron Carpani President and COO, Blake USA
Meet Aaron. As President and COO, Aaron is responsible for the financial performance and operation of the company. When he’s not managing key client relations, Aaron spends his time working on strategic projects and exploring new vendor partnerships. His friendly competitive approach keeps the team focused and engaged.
Tim Browning Tim Browning
Tim Browning Innovation Director
+44 (0)1935 477555

The Director responsible for all our innovation and development, Tim is particularly passionate about our sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and ensures these vital values are the beating heart of the Blake organisation.

"We aim for absolute sustainability in everything we do. Every touch point: from the first contact with Blake, through to the delivery of the final product. We have to echo consistency."

Clive Pavey Clive Pavey
Clive Pavey Finance Director
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Clive, our Financial Director. Clive is responsible for all Financial and Legal obligations, ensuring as a business we are fully equipped to continuously move forward in exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations. Having been a founding member of the Blake Board, he has enjoyed the journey of Blake’s continuous innovation, from conception to present day, to become a market leader.

“I firmly believe that you can’t be effective in business if you underestimate the importance of accurate and on time Financial Reporting”.

Tim Barter Tim Barter
Tim Barter Chairman
+44 (0)1935 477555
Adam Lucas Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas Business Development Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555
“There is no business if there are no sales” – A tenacious and well-seasoned Account Manager with extensive experience in business development. "I pride myself on the ability to pitch at different levels and generate business from new and existing customers."
Adrian Wilton Adrian Wilton
Adrian Wilton Bespoke Production Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477555

Adrian is one of Blake’s long-standing team-members, with over 6 years’ experience in print and procurement. Having worked in a variety of departments, Adrian has acquired a broad array of knowledge to benefit his role as Bespoke Production Specialist.

“I’m very methodical and organised, I like to check and then check again…on occasions get someone else to double check my double check too”.

Adriano Ferretti Adriano Ferretti
Adriano Ferretti Supply Chain Analyst
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Adriano, our Supply Chain Analyst. His ambitious mindset, mixed with team-player nature ensures Adriano is always focused on the bigger picture.

“Work to make things a tiny bit better every day. You’ll wake up in the morning knowing that whatever happens, today will not be the same as yesterday, and that’s a good way to start your day”.

Alun Smith Alun Smith
Alun Smith Quality & Compliance Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

Over the course of his impressive 17 years with us, Alun has built a fantastic knowledge of the Blake products and supply chain and has had the opportunity to visit each and every one of our suppliers, building strong relationships. As our Quality & Compliance Manager, his many responsibilities include conducting regular supplier reviews and ensuring our suppliers deliver according to specifications.

“I’m an Adult Volunteer and the Commanding Officer of Yeovil Sea and Royal Marine Cadets, and oversee the development mentally, physically, technically and spiritually of 95+ cadets, offering a fantastic experience and opportunity to gain valuable life skills! I find this very rewarding passing on my skill set from my time in the military with the ROYAL Tank Regiment.”

Blake Barter Blake Barter
Blake Barter Business Development Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

As Business Development Manager, Blake is an integral part of our solutions team. Thriving on being an out of the box thinker and problem solver, Blake has a creative adaptability to achieve key solutions. His competitive nature and passion for enacting sustainable packaging solutions ensures we are at the forefront of the industry.

“I’m a tenacious and driven person that actively endeavours to provide a fun and creative solution”

Brian Wood Brian Wood
Brian Wood Graphic Designer
+44 (0)1935 477555

As our Graphic Designer, Brian is the go to for all things visual. Brian’s strong belief that design is a fundamental problem-solving tool, aids the forming of relationships between ideas and reality whilst improving the connections between people and the products they use.

“I enjoy smooth project management from initial strategy to final delivery, with effective communication”.

Caterina Crofts Caterina Crofts
Caterina Crofts Sales and Office Manager - Manchester
+44 (0)1935 477555

An in-depth knowledge of envelopes, postal packaging products and print developed over 25 years makes Cat an invaluable member of the Blake team. As Office and Sales Manager in our North Manchester hub, she does a fantastic job of prospecting and growing customer accounts through product knowledge, problem solving and rapport building.

"I'm shaped by travel; music and flying T6 WW2 trainer planes, doing aerobatics in Florida... I also have a Richard III obsession and am fascinated by his real character and the victors rewriting history to suit their own end – I love to delve until I know what makes people tick!"

Caitlin Barry Caitlin Barry
Caitlin Barry Customer Support Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477555

Forever known as the one who loves to chat! I love to spend my day engaging with those around me whilst building a good rapport with our customers

Chris Davies Chris Davies
Chris Davies Operations Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

As our Operations Manager, Chris’ role is very logistical, insofar as ensuring all of our deliveries and stock are in the right place at the right time. Chris is eagle-eyed when it comes to process management, covering every eventuality to guarantee customers receive their orders when expected.

“I believe good process management allows to successfully fulfil customer expectations”

Crystal Cory Crystal Cory
Crystal Cory Customer Support Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477555

Crystal, is an integral part of our Customer Services team here at Blake. Her positivity allows for an excellent repour with customers, creating an enjoyable experience when dealing with any range of queries.

“I like to have a laugh and spend lots of time with my son and ever-growing family”.

Dario Valente Dario Valente
Dario Valente Regional Account Manager - Edinburgh
+44 (0)1935 477555

Cool, calm and collected, Dario works remotely in our Edinburgh hub as Regional Account Handler. Responsible for managing Blake customers mainly within Scotland and Ireland, Dario's customers appreciate having such a trusted source for all their postal packaging needs.

"I think I’d even be described as an “industry veteran” now – 20 years since I sold my first envelope!"

Darren Holland Darren Holland
Darren Holland Commercial Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555
Ella Browning Ella Browning
Ella Browning Marketing Assistant
+44 (0)1935 477555

Known as our 'Samples Lady', Ella's main responsibility is to pick, pack and post sample requests to our customers! Putting in a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, she also sends out all our catalogues, mailers and other marketing materials, and is famed for her excellent time management and efficiency skills.

"I always try my best and I love to exceed everyone's expectations."

George Potter George Potter
George Potter Import and Product Implementation Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet George, our Import and Product Implementation Manager. George’s knack for logistics allows him to implement successful transportation processes in a dynamic environment. With a focus on ensuring our products are industry-leading, George relishes the opportunity to bring new products to life.

“I like to make sure the sales team are happy with the effectiveness of the supply of products”

Georgina Moore Georgina Moore
Georgina Moore Key Account Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

Overflowing with personality is our Georgi! With a wealth of Customer Service experience, not to mention a long history in the paper and forest products industry, Georgi is highly skilled in negotiation, account management, direct sales and sales process, and can also boast a Bachelor of Arts degree focussed in Textile and Surface Decoration.

"Often known to make crazy noises! Famously…my turkey impression…gobble gobble gobble!"

Hayley Smith Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith Customer Support Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477555

Hayley is an integral member of our Customer Service team. With an abundance of customer service experience, Hayley is able to establish great relationships with our customers. With a love for solving problems, Hayley is best known for her ever-positive mindset.

“In my spare time I enjoy making special occasion cakes and spending time with my little boy”.

India Broad India Broad
India Broad Marketing Manager

Meet India, our Marketing Manager. India’s creative flair and background in design ensure that all of our brand communications go out with a sense of personality. With a matching passion for improving processes, cost reduction and increasing productivity and profitability her analytical endeavour provides us great industry insights.

“I have a passion for design and client acquisition strategies”.

Jasmin Robinson Jasmin Robinson
Jasmin Robinson Production Coordinator
+44 (0)1935 477555

Jasmin is our Print Production Coordinator, so she is the one responsible for seeing print orders through to completion! Her daily duties include booking print orders onto the system, raising jobs, sending proofs to customers and finally, printing the jobs on either our Ricoh or Inkjet machines.

"I'm adaptable, organised and a fast learner!"

Justin Pavey Justin Pavey
Justin Pavey Financial Accountant
+44 (0)1935 477555

An inconspicuous yet invaluable member of the team, not only does Justin have the role of Production Accountant, but he is our International Accounts Manager for the USA and Europe too! Justin's skillset lies in management accounting, production costings and project planning. And in his spare time?

"My hobbies are 3D printing and astronomy."

Karen Huggett Karen Huggett
Karen Huggett Accounts Payable
+44 (0)1935 477555

Karen has been with Blake Accounts Department for a good many years, where she takes responsibility for managing our Accounts Payable ledger. From loading invoices onto the system through to making sure everything is paid, Karen ensures everything is running smoothly!

"According to my husband, spending money is a skill I’ve managed to perfect over the years...especially if its someone else’s!"

Kayleigh Johns Kayleigh Johns
Kayleigh Johns Customer Support Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477555

Kayleigh is an essential part of our Customer Service team here at Blake, and her excellent problem solving skills set her in good stead when dealing with customer queries and returns! Outside of work hours...

"I love learning new skills and spending time with my family. I feel most at home around the coast."

Kelci Mitchell Kelci Mitchell
Kelci Mitchell EA to Tim Browning
+44 (0)1935 477555

Kelci plays a vital role as Executive Assistant to our Innovation Director, Tim Browning. Her effective communication and excellent organisation enables her to ensure Tim is well-prepared for any eventuality.

“I love to make sure everything is organised and kept tidy”

Kurt Mitchell Kurt Mitchell
Kurt Mitchell Sourcing & Innovations Manager

In his role of Sourcing & Innovations Manager, Kurt is a tremendous support to our Business Development Managers Blake Barter and Tim Smyth, sourcing any non-standard, bespoke items required for their direct to consumer sales.

"I excel at supplier engagement, communication and making a difference!"

Lucy Kay Lucy Kay
Lucy Kay Key Account Manager

Meet Lucy, our Key Account Manager. Ever-eager to learn, Lucy is undertaking a Sales Apprenticeship to further her skills around: account management, customer engagement, negotiation as well as product and industry knowledge.

“I enjoy connecting with my customers and working to find the best products and solutions for them”.

Mark Pedlar Mark Pedlar
Mark Pedlar Transport Coordinator
+44 (0)1935 477555

As our Transport Coordinator, Mark has a very logistical and process-led approach, and is responsible for ensuring that all of our deliveries are organised carefully and dispatched on time.

“Making sure our customers get what they want, when they want it, is my goal”.

Nicole Paterson Nicole Paterson
Nicole Paterson Business Improvement Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

Nicole's role of Office Manager covers an impressive range of responsibilities! Not only does she manage our Customer Service team and look after the HR function of the company, but she also collaborates with the Department Heads to ensure all our teams are utilising the same processes.

"I’ve been with Blake for 15 years now, in many different roles and areas of the company. I would say that what I bring is a general understanding of how things work between departments and the processes that are involved. The only thing I haven’t mastered in this time is a convincing fake laugh for Graham’s rubbish jokes!"

Rachel Smith Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Customer Services Manager
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Rachel, our Customer Service Manager. Rachel brings with her a wealth of process management and customer service experience. Rachel thrives on providing customers great service and is always on the hunt for new ways to improve customer experience.

“I love to have fun and put humour into everything”

Ralph Barter Ralph Barter
Ralph Barter Head of Plain Stock Sales
+44 (0)1935 477555

Head of Plain Stock Sales at our Yeovil Headquarters, Ralph is passionate about his job and loves being part of a winning team! He has an excellent ability to understand customer requirements and always prides himself on his attention to detail: two qualities which he believes are essential to building great working relationships!

"They don’t call me an Envelope Anorak for nothing! It’s taken years to build my knowledge of our products and the industry."

Richard Dawson Richard Dawson
Richard Dawson Head of Regional Sales - Manchester
+44 (0)161 241 7412

From his base in our Manchester hub, Richard does a fantastic job of managing, motivating and empowering our various Regional Sales people around the country to collaborate together and succeed. An evidence-based strategic thinker who embraces change for the better, he is highly skilled at defining and implementing - and innovating! - sales plans.

"A grumpy introvert but Master Illusionist (don't let on to the team!)"

Richard Thrower Richard Thrower
Richard Thrower Bespoke & Print Procurement - Leeds
+44 (0)113 468 1081

Careful and methodical, and someone who likes to get things right first time, Richard can always be relied upon to perform in his area of Bepoke & Print Procurement.

His conscientious approach extends to his spare time occupations too, when he loves taking part in triathlons, running and improving his swimming both in the pool and open water.

"I do, however, have an irrational fear of sharks!"

Sam Coe Sam Coe
Sam Coe Key Account Manager - London
+44 (0)203 910 7700

Meet Sam, our Key Account Manager based in London. Sam is responsible for managing Blake customers in and around the capital! Always positive and friendly, Sam is a highly-valued member of the team.

“I think I am a secret envelope anorak, embracing my inner envelope geek and wearing it on my sleeve!”

Sara Barry Sara Barry
Sara Barry Finance Assistant
+44 (0)1935 477 555

Lighting up the office with her cheery smile, Sara's enthusiasm and motivation make her a highly popular member of the Blake family! An excellent team player, she is dependable, systematic and comitted, and always goes above and beyond in her role as Finance Assistant.

"I'm always smiling, and like to laugh!"

Sharon Hartley Sharon Hartley
Sharon Hartley Regional Account Handler - Leeds
+44 (0)113 468 1081

As someone who is always organised and delights in paying great attention to detail, Sharon truly excels in her role as Print Production Coordinator.

Despite working remotely from our Leeds hub, we hear plenty from her because, as she would say,

"I'm very good at nagging!"

Storm Barter Storm Barter
Storm Barter EA to Michael Barter
+44 (0)1935 477 555

Storm plays the important role of Executive Assistant to our CEO Michael Barter, AKA her dad! Organised and efficient, she does an outstanding job of keeping him in order - something that most others would struggle to achieve! Her claim to fame?

"I am the youngest member of the team."

Tim Smyth Tim Smyth
Tim Smyth Business Development Manager
+44 (0)1935 477 555

Tim is our Business Development Manager for all our Corporate and Contractual Business. A deep thinker, he is excellent at understanding client challenges and providing them with a solution! Somebody who loves to meet new people, his strengths lie in building strong, lasting relationships.

"In my spare time, I love to spend time outdoors exploring new places - particularly the South West coast!"

Tom Gronek Tom Gronek
Tom Gronek Inventory & Logistics Manager
Tom Mather Tom Mather
Tom Mather Operations Administrator Supervisor
+44 (0)1935 477555

As our Operations Admin Supervisor, Tom has a very logistical mindset, and ensures that all of our physical stock coincides with our systems. Being a people person Tom enjoys the mix of being in both the office and the warehouse.

“I enjoy the mix of having both admin duties and ‘hands-on’ tasks”

Tom White Tom White
Tom White Warehouse Supervisor
+44 (0)1935 477555

Meet Tom, our Warehouse Supervisor. Being responsible for day-to-day warehouse activities Tom ensures that all stock is ready to be dispatched on time.

“I believe time-management is key, allowing us the best opportunity for reaching targets and ensuring happy customers”.

Tony Hooper Tony Hooper
Tony Hooper Facilities Manager
+44 (0)1935 477 555

For our Facilities Manager Tony, ensuring a secure working environment where all employees are able to return home safe and well at the end of each day is of paramount importance. A bit of a Jack-of-all-trades on the quiet, he shares his impressive range of experiences below:

"Trained as a mechanical and electrical engineer, I started my career as an Agricultural Engineer, before moving onto construction machine and tool repairs, and then into the power generation industry! I would say that my working career has been one of interesting and rewarding experiences."

Trent Carpani Trent Carpani
Trent Carpani Account Executive, Blake USA
+44 (0)1935 477555
Meet Trent. Trent has a keen ear for customer desires, working to ensure their ecommerce packaging comes to life the way they envisioned it. As an Account Manager, he bridges the gaps between design, production and delivery of packaging that helps retailers stand out. “I love every step of the process, from the customer’s concept to production completion.”
Vickie Clarke Vickie Clarke
Vickie Clarke Customer Support Specialist
+44 (0)1935 477 555

8 years with Blake have seen Vickie covering a wide variety of roles and given her a brilliant understanding of many areas of the business. A meticulous, process driven personality who prides herself on her attention to detail, Vickie is now an integral part of our Customer Service team.

"I’m probably best known for my excessive tea consumption, but second to that, being a crazy cat lady (which I’m not sure I agree with!)."

Wes Carpani Wes Carpani
Wes Carpani Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Blake USA
+44 (0)1935 477555
Yorke Browning Yorke Browning
Yorke Browning E-commerce Business Development Manager
+44 (0)1935 477 555

As our E-Commerce Business Development Manager, Yorke is responsible for trend analysis and ensuring that we remain relevant across an array of web platforms. Always enthusiastic and keen to develop, Yorke has developed a meticulous eye for detail. Although, not one known for his tea making skills!

“I’m competitive in nature, and love to be part of the winning team”.

Zara Hurlock Zara Hurlock
Zara Hurlock Credit Controller
+44 (0)1935 477 555

One of the most comitted and conscientious members of the Blake team, Zara has a real knack at communicating with - or nagging! - customers, which put her in great stead in her role as Credit Controller. As for outside of work hours...

"I like good food and taking my cockapoo Bruce for walks."

Zarah Pearce Zarah Pearce
Zarah Pearce Sales Manager - Bristol
+44 (0)1935 477555

Zarah is one of the most long-standing members of the Blake team, which has given her 16 years' worth of invaluable experience working with our customers in anything envelope, packaging and print related.

"I believe that the relationships of customers and suppliers are more than just a transaction. You need a good working partnership and mutual understanding to achieve the best results, and what’s better, we can enjoy ourselves at the same time with some good humour and fun!"